Lost/Found Engine/Tranny Submission Form


Looking for the original engine/Tranny of your car?

Or have an engine/tranny looking for its original car?

Some people are looking for their missing original engine of their car.
This form is being used to collect info on Lost Engines/Transmissions of cars.
If you are missing your original engine, use this form to post a wanted original engine.
Also, if you have an engine that you would like to find the original car post it here also.
Input as much info as you have.
Thanks, John Wallace.

Here's a recent submission:
1970 YA / YC  
VIN - 216891
Missing since about 8-9 years ago from a machine shop.
 finders fee of 700 or more, plus I will replace it with one built the same way ect...
 if it is in or out of your car. 
No questions asked! 

Here is a search page as I update this.
Lost/Found Engine or Transmission Search

Look For: Engine - means some one is looking for the original engine for their car.

Look For: Car    - means some one has the original engine  and looking for the original car it came from.

Lost/Found Engine or Transmission Submission Form

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