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Intake Runner Length Calculator

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The Intake Length is from the back of the valve face to the opening of the plenum.

Grumpy Jenkins said 30 years ago (for V8) that developing a plenum volume on a dyno will trip 
you up every time. The best place to start is to get a good figure, then reduce the volume 
slowly until you get a slight power loss. The next-to-last (before the loss) volume -10% is 
what to run on the car. 

Speed Of Sound:   FPS
Intake Closing Point : Deg
Average area of Runner : in^2
Cubic Inch Displacement : CID
RPM at HP Peak:
RPM at Torque Peak:
Number of Cylinders:
Stroke:  Inches
Bore:  Inches
Rod Length:  Inches
Advertised Cam Duration:  Degrees
Intake Lobe Centerline:  Degrees
Static Compression Ratio : :1
Desired RPM : rpm
Intake Length:       Input All Parameters, Please

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