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This form is being used to collect Pontiac Dealer Zone Codes.

Ultimate GTO site has a list of Dealer Codes/Zones. Dealer Codes

This is a form to add Dealer Codes/Zones not on that list.

If you have any not on there, add them here.
Also include the date of the PHS/Buildsheet to help on the info.

Add your data!
Take part by sharing your information with other enthusiasts.
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These Dealer Zone and Codes can be found on your PHS sheet or on the Build Sheet of the car.

The pic above is from the PHS on the bottom left. The 03 and 303 are the Dealer Zone. The 274 is the Dealer Number.
The highlighed text is the Dealer Name and Address

The pic above is from the Buildsheet on the bottom left. The 03 is the Dealer Zone. The 527 is the Dealer Number.

If you have a copy of your PHS or Buildsheet, I'd be interested in it also.

Note, your name and email address is NOT displayed in public and is only needed if a confirmation is required.

Pontiac Dealer Zone Codes Form

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Do you have a copy of a PHS report, invoice, or build sheet that you'd like to share?
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