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Calculator For Figuring the Cross Sectional Area of Ports with no Choke Point From RPM

Todays date is 7/18/2024

Cross Sectional Area equals the minimum cross sectional area of your intake port. (length times width)
This is most times your push rod area, but not always.

Enter your Max RPM you Want

Enter RPM:   
Enter Bore:   
Enter Stroke:   

Input you Bore/Stroke and RPM please

To Figure Your Minimum Cross Sectional Area (CA) of your Intake Port

    Make all measurements in inches,
and convert fractions to decimal numbers.
1-1/4 = 1.25
2-3/16 = 2.1875
(1 4) + 1
(3 16) + 2

Rectangular/Square runners     To calculate the cross-sectional area of rectangular and square runner profiles, measure the width and the height of the runner, and multiply the two together.

Measure in inches!

Runner width:
Runner height:
Runner Area: square inches (calculated)
Area = Width X Height

To measure Round Ports

Round runners     To calculate the cross-sectional area of round runners, measure the diameter of the runner, divide by two, multiply the result by itself, then multiply that by 3.14.

Measure in inches!

Runner diameter:
Runner Area: sq inches (calculated)
Area = (Diameter 2)2 X 3.14

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